• CASH FLOW problems?
  • Looking for GROWTH?


What will the Christmas trading period bring to your business? Is your business equipped to handle the lack of cash flow in the New Year?  For many SME’s these are the questions they should be asking themselves with the lead up to Christmas.

 Cash flow is king… debtor finance could be your best option!

With an uncertain Christmas trading period approaching, SMEs should be extra vigilant in managing their working capital and monitoring cash flow to avoid both the dangers of overtrading and the traditional cash flow squeeze in the New Year. There are a number of ways to ensure this is prevented:

  • review your credit management process and procedures
  • invoice early and often
  • ask for a deposit or prepayment up front
  • run credit checks on new customers


Your best option could be Debtor Finance. This type of finance is rapidly becoming a key funding tool for Australian SME’s that are looking to get ahead of their competition. It allows a business to convert its unpaid invoices into cash quickly, which can lead to rapid growth. Once a facility is in place most Debtor Financiers will advance up to a maximum of 80% of the invoice value within 24 hours so it’s almost an overnight transformation of your business. And the remaining 20% is made available to the business when the invoice is paid by the customer.

Cash flow is king, and monitoring it in the current environment should be a high priority. Should your business be facing any immediate or anticipate cash flow shortages, examining debtor finance could be your best option.


written by Niño Williamson, Bibby Finance. Contact Niño here.

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